Celebrating the Launch of Eyetemp at CE Week 2018!

Celebrating the Launch of Eyetemp at CE Week 2018!

Last Wednesday and Thursday, EyeTemp attended CE Week, a two-day event located at the Javits Center in New York City where once a year, various electronics manufacturers, media, and consumers gather together to check out the newest and most innovative technologies. At this year’s CE Week, EyeTemp officially launched its one-of-a-kind fire prevention device, alongside its mobile application for Android and iOS, with all seven members of the team there to represent!

To give a brief summary, EyeTemp is ultimately aimed in saving lives and decreasing the risk of house fires and promoting fire safety. With easy application to any heated item in your home, this Wi-Fi driven device is paired with an app downloaded onto your smartphone which will notify you when your heated appliance is left on too long, has a dangerous spike in temperature, or if you left your residence without turning it off. With its launch held at CE Week, this marked only the beginning of a great journey that is to come!

Having two long (but very fun and productive) days, members of the EyeTemp team were able to give both press and consumers an in-depth look at the fire preventative device where we were met with overwhelming positivity to say the least. Whether visitors of our booth had experiences of their own of having to return home to check if their heated items were still on, or if they knew of others (many thinking of their elderly parents) that would benefit from Eyetemp, it was evident that practically anyone could make use of this inexpensive yet essential device. It seemed to be the overall consensus that life could get busy, and Eyetemp could be there to prevent any accidents that our sometimes-forgetful minds can cause. The uniqueness of our device, along with our eye-catching faux fire, brought a lot of traction to our booth, encouraging visitors to learn more about the product and even make purchases of their own. Not only were we able to share the idea and functions of Eyetemp with those who attended CE week, we were also able to gain valuable connections and media coverage from various press who were excited to share our device with others.

One of the highlights from EyeTemp’s attendance to CE Week was its recognition for “Best In Show”. Based on the criteria of usability, design, innovation, important features and overall user value, CEO Danielle Michel was more than happy to accept this award! With many well-developed technologies and companies in attendance, this was certainly something that was an honor to be recognized for and showed that we most certainly did not go unnoticed.

Now that June 20th marks the official launch date of EyeTemp, the team is ready to put in all efforts to continue to expand and grow the company. Through the events of CE Week and our recent feature in Donna Drake’s show, “Live it Up!”, EyeTemp’s name is definitely beginning to spread. Putting safety first, we are more than confident that we can lessen the risk of house fires and ease minds by “reminding you if it’s left on”.

So happy birthday, EyeTemp! Here’s to many more!!



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  1. Happy Birthday Eyetemp!

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